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1950 The Schuman Plan

Failed attempts at Euro Defence Community

UK rejected 1961 & 1967

United States of Europe Speech by Churchill

Treaty of Paris

Economic Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)

50 years Treaty =

Treaty Law


Treaty of Rome Established EURATOM  EEC
[Unlimited duration =

 Framework Treaties]

Single Court of Justice
Parliamentary Assembly
European Investment Bank
Economic & Social Committee

Merger Treaty



Single Commission replaces Higher Authorities

Single Council formed.

Common Institutions for all 3 communities


Robert Schuman =

French Foreign Minister.

Jean Monnet =

civil servant (Head of Economic Planning Commission)

Supranational Higher Authority.
Independent but dismissible
Initially headed by Schuman


France withdraws for 6 months waiting for Luxembourg Accords 1966 = voting by majority


Transfer of sovereignty 6 nations



Aims of the EU = Unity of Economy, Currency, Politics (through political and legal unity)

There are now a dozen basic Treaties and Acts, not to mention protocols, containing a total of nearly eight hundred Articles.

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